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About Mavericks Unlimited



At Mavericks Unlimited, we believe that every person can make their own rules, do work they love and live life on their terms.

That is what it truly means to be a Maverick - true hearted, authentic and doing your thing in the world.

Our job is to give you the best learning, coaching and development to get there.  Whether through our blog, our digital courses or real-world learning experiences, we're here to rocket you towards your best self.

The Tribe

Our audacious goal is to build a tribe of 100,000+ courageous, authentic & true-hearted Mavericks out in the world doing their thing.

We are the glue...the hub that connects these amazing individuals to each other, whereby we're all working to make life better and creating a world that works. 

Wherever you are on your journey, we hope you’ll join us on this one too.


How it began...

Mavericks Unlimited was started by Krish, Has and John (that's us in the pic!).

We're three blokes who believe in the richness of living life the way you want to.  It is how we want to live our lives.  So we decided to create something to give people the clarity, confidence and courage to tap into their superpowers and be the very best versions of themselves.

Our backgrounds span across the fields of coaching, organisational behaviour, leadership development, change management, brand storytelling and design thinking.

Life can be tough and can throw up barriers when you're trying to do your thing.  We've dedicated ourselves to doing everything we can to make it a bit easier and way more fun.

Our commitment is to always strive to help people do what they love!

('ll maybe notice that we always spell Maverick with a capital 'M' - you can read about why we do here)



Our 4th Partner

Alongside the three of us, we've got a 4th Partner that takes a quarter of our earnings.  Let's call them the cheerleader.

When we started Mavericks Unlimited,  we pledged to invest 25% of our profits in helping and nurturing Mavericks to make an impact in the world. Whether its kickstarting a pop-up restaurant, funding a record, backing a brilliant inventor or helping someone to just realise their dream, we have decided to put our money where our mouth is.

Clearly, the cheerleader doesn't exist physically, but the commitment to celebrate and help Mavericks is extremely real.  It's our small way of further helping to create a world that works.


Ready to join the tribe? Join us!