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Who Is On Your Dream Team For 2018?

Whatever you are up to in the world, the truth is that you can’t do it all by yourself. You can’t be successful without good people around you. 

Well, one of the ways that you can do to help your success to build your tribe of supporters - get good people around you and to let go of some of the energy drainers!

Here's who you need and how to get them.

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Too Much is Never Enough

Those of us are caught up in the endless productivity cycle (guilty) see opportunities to improve everywhere. Usually that means quicker, better, faster, more effective; where an improvement in efficiency seems a worthwhile end in itself.

But productivity is pointless if you ultimately find yourself ‘hacking your way through the wrong jungle’.

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The Top 10 Books to 'Re-kickstart' Your Year

Back to school. Back to work.  The summer is done and you might find yourself wondering where the year has gone.  And what about all of those amazing things that you wanted to do this’s that going?

If you are right on track with your goals and intentions, that’s great.  If, like many of us, your goals went out of the window long ago, now is a great time to get going again. 

To help you, here are our top 10 books to fuel your fire, spark your creativity and 're-kickstart' your year!

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