Helping Your Creative Leaders To Lead

We believe creative leaders need to be nurtured and grown, yet the development of these skills are often neglected.

Whether it’s a mid-level moving up, or a creative director taking on their first executive role, making a leap can be daunting if they’ve never done it before.

We are different because one of our founders is a working creative, and because we partner some of the most exciting and innovative creative businesses around.

Through our coaching, we help folks figure out the important stuff, keep balance and still make amazing work as they take on wider responsibilities.

How Can You Specifically Help?

Some of the things we work on are:

  • How to transition from being a creative to creative director

  • Influencing & persuading people around you

  • Managing people for the first time

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Championing your idea – knowing when to keep going, and when to back down

  • Understanding the business side of being creative versus artistry

If you’re a creative that wants help, or a business leader that has creatives in your business, we can help navigate the transitional journey.