Mavericks Unlimited exists ultimately because we want to do some good stuff in this world. We believe that Mavericks transform the world for the better and that we are much stronger together than apart. We believe them so much that we stuck those and a few others into a neat little manifesto! Check it out here

We are on a mission to find more souls like us out there; to connect us into a global tribe of Mavericks who support each other, work together and celebrate our successes with one another.

We’ve met some extraordinary people doing amazing things in the world who’ve inspired us to launch Mavericks Unlimited. These folks are independent minds and they’re game changers, but mostly they’re true hearted people who are unleashing their superpowers and becoming their best selves. In doing so, they are making the world a little better each day.

And that is how we all create a world that works for all, while creating a life we discovering and unleashing our superpowers and being our best selves.  If you are ready to unleash YOUR superpowers, sign up today and get your FREE ebook, 'Superpowers Aren't Just For Superheroes; the ultimate guide to getting unstuck, finding your mojo and creating the life you love through your strengths'.