Switch is a brand new course that we've created to support individuals through a moment of change.  

Whether you've just been made redundant, want to start your own business, are returning back to work after some time out, or just want to accelerate your career, Switch, has been created to help you.

We have taken our 40+ years of combined leadership and coaching experience and built a robust and nurturing programme that is designed to get anybody unstuck and into action.

Switch is a holistic six module, video based programme that will guide you from wherever you currently are in your life to a wonderful place where you have a clear roadmap for your way forward.

Along the way are a host of tools and exercises that will help you truly understand what you want to do, why you're doing it and how to get there.

We're very excited about this course because we know it's going to make a significant difference to those who need help in a change moment.

Switch will be launching in December 2017.  Register your interest with us below for a pre-launch heads up and a special thank you for being an early bird!

Warmest wishes,

Krish, Has & John