Switch is here!

Here's a special note for our Mavericks Unlimited tribe...

Hey Maverick!

We know we've been going on about it for weeks, but we're delighted to be able to finally share our brand new online course, SWITCH, with you.

Developed by us during the past year, we've designed the course to support anybody going through or expecting to go through a life change.

Whether its a career focused or a personal development change, taking the journey through the course will get you from being stuck to having a roadmap for an amazing future.

We know that the closing out of a year and beginning of a new one brings a lot of contemplation about life and work.  For many, this signals an opportunity to make some changes and we want to be there to help.

As a special thank you for being a member of our Mavericks Unlimited tribe, we're giving you the opportunity to receive an exclusive 15% Friends and Family discount if you, a friend or family member purchase the course on or before 31st January 2018. 

All you need to do is click on the link below, which will take you through to our 'Switch' sales page and at the checkout, just type in the coupon code: SWITCHFF.

Find out about SWITCH here: https://courses.mavericksunlimited.com/p/switch

We hope you enjoy it!

Krish, Has and John