work with us

Our ultimate goal is to have a global tribe of 100,000+ Mavericks doing great things together and creating a world that works.

To begin with, we are providing inspiration and advice through our blog and podcast to get you active or keep you motivated with whatever you’re doing in the world.

When you need a little more support beyond inspiration, here are a couple of ways to work directly with the MU team:


Maverick Coaching

MU believes that everyone has superpowers and we’ve made it our mission to help people discover them to their greatest effect. We are qualified coaches working with an array of folks, from start up entrepreneurs getting their projects off the ground to global CEOs worried about what’s next in their life.

Our philosophy, no matter where you are, is that you have strengths to be amazing at whatever you want to do. Through our nurturing, yet challenging approach, we’re guide you on your personal journey of discovery.

The Purpose Workshop

We believe people lead a more content and fulfilled life if they understand and embrace their purpose.  For us, its probably most important to know 'why' we do something before we figure out 'what' we do and 'how' to do it.

Our workshop is particularly helpful if you:

  • Feel lost and don't know what you’re here to do in this world
  • Know that you want to do something, but don’t know why
  • Want to truly connect your audience or customers to your ideas

The Purpose Workshop will enable you to:

  • Discover your 'why': understand your drivers and motivators for what you do
  • Develop an inspirational theme for life and project(s)
  • Find clarity, confidence and courage to move forward
  • Discover how to get people excited by your ideas
  • Build a plan for how to start living your 'why'

We run public workshops throughout the year in London & Brighton, and also create bespoke programmes for organisations too.