Are You Trying to Fix The Right Problem?

Think about anything that you want to change in your life.  Almost always it is a problem that you are trying to fix. 

The issue though is that most people approach change half-cocked. They are reacting to some pain or discomfort that they want to get away from it.  This will only get you so far. 

So, could it be that our solutions are not always the best ones?  Perhaps because we are not trying to fix the right problem. 

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4 Creative Strategies to Tame Your Inner Critic

"Don't bother; you'll never be good enough".   " Why even bother? You are going to fail".   "You're stupid.  Why would anyone ever listen to you?".

Sound familiar? You may have noticed that not everything you say to yourself in your head is positive, kind or even useful.  Worse than that though, you probably find that you believe most of it. 

So, how can you overcome your inner critic, stop doubting yourself and move towards your goals and pursuits?  Here are 4 strategies you can use.

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The Power of WHY

It's our first anniversary!  On October 25th, 2016, we launched our first blog post and a lot has happened since then! 

Coming up to our birthday, we took the time to reconnect with our WHY and to review our achievements and we think this is a useful exercise for you to do wherever you are with your projects and passions.

It will undoubtedly reconnect you with your passion, give you clarity and propel you forward in your most certainly did for us.

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Too Much is Never Enough

Those of us are caught up in the endless productivity cycle (guilty) see opportunities to improve everywhere. Usually that means quicker, better, faster, more effective; where an improvement in efficiency seems a worthwhile end in itself.

But productivity is pointless if you ultimately find yourself ‘hacking your way through the wrong jungle’.

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7 Top Tips for Establishing Your Credibility

There are times in our lives when we need to show new people we meet what we’re all about. 

According to some (including Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink), people begin assessing us within seconds of meeting and this leads to them making rapid decisions about whether they want to meaningfully interact with us.

Beyond these early interactions though, what can we do ourselves to take control of how we are perceived and valued?

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