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Unleash Your Superpowers: How To Bend Time

At Mavericks Unlimited, our goal is to help you unlock and activate your potential through unleashing your superpowers in the world. 

Everyone has their own unique superpowers that make them special, but there are certain superpowers that we all share...but we sometimes don't even know we have them.  Throughout 2018, we are going to be helping you to unlock ALL of your superpowers, and we are starting with ‘TIME’.

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7 Top Tips for Establishing Your Credibility

There are times in our lives when we need to show new people we meet what we’re all about. 

According to some (including Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink), people begin assessing us within seconds of meeting and this leads to them making rapid decisions about whether they want to meaningfully interact with us.

Beyond these early interactions though, what can we do ourselves to take control of how we are perceived and valued?

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What Do You Stand For?

What does the word 'maverick' mean for you?

The reason we ask is that yesterday we ran a focus group for our first product that we are launching in October. As part of what was an excellent session, there was a lively debate about the word 'maverick'.

To be clear, we chose 'Maverick' as part of our title very deliberately. We know the word is provocative and it was clear that people in the room had strong views on what it means to them. So do we.

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5 Maverick Lessons from the British General Election

What the hell happened there then?  Last Thursday's election saw British politics turned on it's head where the victor was the loser, and the loser was the victor.  Before Thursday, few could have predicted the outcome that saw Theresa May lose her majority and Jeremy Corbyn's ascent.

Corbyn claimed that "politics has changed" and "isn't going back into the box where it was before".  Surely the definition of a Maverick election? 

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