5 Ways to Unleash Your Maverick Spirit in 2017!


Let’s be honest, 2016 has been tough as old boots. But we’re nearly through it now and the new year brings an abundance of new opportunities for us. The world is really crying out for you to do something different in 2017 - to unleash your inner Maverick.  Take a look below for help on how to get started…

You can do something about it

At Mavericks Unlimited, we believe everyone in the entire world has superpowers. You can do anything you want to in this world with the right support, guidance and know-how. We aim to do as much as we can to help, but its ultimately up to you to get going.

In 2017, embrace your difference and seek out your personal and professional dreams. This can be anything from launching into something you’re passionate about to starting a new business to being a great team leader at work.

Unleash your Maverick Spirit

Here are some of the ways you can begin to summon your own Maverick spirit inside of you:

  • Be curious: Have the courage to explore your ideas with an open heart. If you’re getting an itch to do something, or launch something…take the first little step beyond thinking “wouldn’t it be great if …” to “isn’t it great that I just did…”
  • Be inclusive: Everybody needs their people. Bring yours into your ideas, share them openly, seek feedback, iterate and go again. The best thing we did here at Mavericks Unlimited was find each other first and then share our ideas with our people.
  • Be true to your self: Be authentic to your values and ethics. Challenge yourself to challenge your status quo. Don’t settle for less than brilliant. It will always pay off in the long run.
  • Be happy: whatever you’re doing in the world, it should make you happy. Take stock if you’re not enjoying life, and consider asking yourself first why this is, and then consider what your first step should be to help you strive towards your happiness.

Everyone can be a Maverick

You might not think of yourself as a Maverick, but hopefully you’ll recognise that everyone has the ability to tap into their independent spirit, to channel their superpowers and step into their greatness. You don’t have to be famous, or be an established entrepreneur, to live the world through your eyes and have your own personal impact on this world. You just need to find the courage to explore and be determined to follow through on what you believe, and if you can do that, then you really are a Maverick at heart.

Mavericks Unlimited is here to help people show up and demand more from life. We are here to help you be the best version of yourself and unleash your superpowers on the world.   The more of us doing this and working together, the better off we will all be.

So, let’s make 2017 the year we stop merely thinking about great ideas and start making them happen for real!

Leave a comment below and tell us how you are going to unleash your Maverick Spirit in 2017!