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7 Purposeful Design Projects We Love

What we love most about great design thinkers is that they don't settle for life as it is.

They have the mindset, the optimism and the tenacity to believe that the snags of life can be improved, transformed or even eradicated.

Here are seven great design projects that brilliantly reframe, transform and add to life through great ideas and great design.

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A Creative's Guide to Being Creative

When you are stuck for ideas and going around the same old loop, we often resort to the same old sources of inspiration as well.  These are often on our screens, but this leads to even more of the same old same old.

So, we asked our resident Creativity Guru, John, to stretch our thinking and visualise how he strives to blend serendipity and lateral thought to get back into his creative flow.

This is how he answered...

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