Help I’m Pivoting...wait, what’s that?


Today marks the start of a series of articles I will be sharing over the coming months on the topic of pivoting. Before you start thinking I’ve lost my marbles and have started to write about mechanical engineering, let me provide some context€.

When we talk here about pivoting, we mean those really important moments in your life where a big change is ‘around the corner’. Ones where you have to consider lots, make some critical decisions and take the first few steps towards the new adventure.

At Mavericks Unlimited, we focus our efforts on giving people clarity, courage and confidence during these transitions.

So, what do we mean by "moments"?

Perhaps you want to go for a promotion, but it means moving your family to a new and unfamiliar place? Or you have a world changing idea and don’t know how to get it off the ground?

Maybe you have had a brilliant corporate career, but somehow feel unfulfilled.  You want to make sure your lasting legacy represents the real you.

Each of us have unique pivoting moments at various stages of our lives.  They can often be challenging and lonely places to figure out by yourself.

The aim of this series, and indeed our work at Mavericks Unlimited, is to help you during these moments.

Why it’s important to embrace these feelings?

Through our work as leadership coaches, we are lucky to support some amazing people on their personal development journeys. We are privileged to witness many of these moments.  We walk alongside our clients as they navigate through the challenges and opportunities of making big decisions and taking action around their dreams.

As coaches, we are able to deeply explore with our clients what if they just did nothing in these moments. We explore what they say no to by ignoring their urge for a transition.  We explore their personal purpose and what fulfils them. We look at the opportunities, and figure out the obstacles in the way.

These decisions are rarely straightforward.

“I can’t leave, I have a mortgage to pay."  "I haven’t got the time to think about this."  "It’s already been done before."  "I can’t put my family through this."  "What if I’m not good enough€ etc.”

Any of these sound familiar? Well, guess what, you’re not alone.

If these were easy choices, they wouldn’t be right.  Sacrifice is a huge part of our journeys to bigger, better and more rewarding lives for ourselves.  Many people understandably don’t get past these questions.

The unknown is too scary, and it’s safer to not rock the boat.

The Regret Club

The problem with this approach is that you are suppressing your feelings and wishes.  You are denying yourself so many opportunities.

You will constantly live in the “what if I had done that” cycle, particularly as you reach further into your life’s journey towards retirement. There will be a nagging voice inside challenging you to fulfil your potential.

Our world today is proliferated with individuals who pivoted at the right moment for them.

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs left university before they graduated to launch their uncontainable ideas. Similarly, Barack Obama decided as a Senator to create history and be the first black President of the USA.

They might seem like distant examples because of their celebrity status, but remember they are real people, and they started out as such.

They went through similar pains, key decisions and moments of pivots.

My own pivoting story

Three years ago, I chose to launch my consulting and coaching business instead of taking another corporate HR job.

I went through all those fears above.  How do I provide for my family? What if I’m not good enough? Will people even be interested in what I have to offer?

In addition to that, I wanted to find a way that allowed me to live life the way I wanted. I wanted the freedom to work with who I wanted. I wanted to fulfil my potential and live my purpose, which is to help people be the best versions of themselves.

It’s because of that pivot that we were able to bring you Mavericks Unlimited, and I can sit here writing this article to you.

I won’t put myself in the same boat as those esteemed people, but let’s ask ourselves, how would the world look if they hadn’t pivoted?

How to recognise your own Pivot Moments?

To some, their intuition is super strong and they easily know when a change needs to happen for them. To others, it’s less easy to recognise their pivoting moments.

Here are some indicators that you might be close to a Pivot Moment:

  1. Being unfulfilled - This may be a feeling at work, or perhaps even outside of it, but you are feeling like you are not fully living up to your potential
  2. Nervous energy to make change happen - You’re constantly looking for opportunities to channel your energy into new opportunities and experiences.  Your mind and body is restless and you’re not sure what to do with it.
  3. You keep thinking, “I can do that” - Ever find yourself looking at the world’s new inventions or ideas and think you could do it yourself, better even? It’s a signal€¦
  4. You want to make a Difference - Whatever you do in life, you want to make sure you impact the world in a great way. If you’re currently feeling that you’re not doing that, then perhaps a change is needed?

As you see, we all go through pivoting moments and having the right tools, resources and support at the time can help us get through them in a positive and impactful way.

Next time, we will cover the stages of a Pivot and how to take the 1st step forward in your new journey.

Leave a comment below and tell us how you have recognised your Pivot moments!