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Disrupt Yourself To Live Life On Your Terms

You want to live life on your terms, right?  That is why you are here with us at Mavericks Unlimited.  And yet, somehow it may not be happening…

The truth is that many of us have grand aspirations, and we may even believe we are working towards them. If we look at the reality of our everyday life, we may well be doing what we've always done in life, hoping to get different results.

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What Is Your Happiness Code?

You want to be happy, right?  It is something that we all want yet so often it seems elusive.  

When faced with life’s problems, happiness seems like a luxury.  More bills to pay.  Shit day at work.  Kids playing up.  When will it end?

It won’t, but your happiness doesn’t need to come last. Here is how to create your own happiness code - your route back to happy when life challenges you.

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7 Ways To Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

You know how on a plane, you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first? Why do you think that is? The reason for this is hypoxia, i.e. if you don’t, you will pass out before you can save a child or anyone else for that matter.

The analogy is that if you want to make your own rules and have an impact on the world, you have to take care of yourself first. You can’t help anyone else unless you help yourself first.

So how do you put your oxygen mask on first?

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