Episode 11: Kathryn Haydon - How To Supercharge Your Creativity

Kathryn Haydon has spent her life figuring out what creativity really is, helping to nurture it and being a passionate advocate for creative strengths.

She believes the troubled kids at school - the class clown, the rebel, the misfit - are actually misunderstood and are actually what the world needs more and more, due to their ability to think differently.

In this fascinating conversation, Kathryn suggests that as a society, we don't really know what creativity is.  However, if we can nurture creative strengths, both in school and the workplace, so much more is possible.

What I love about Kathryn are her passion and thoughtfulness.  She cares deeply for people who have previously been seen as troublesome and reframes them into creative heroes.  Kathryn really is a true Maverick! 

In this conversation you'll learn

  • Many creative thinkers are being marginalised at a young age, especially at school, because they display behaviours that are seen as disruptive or rebellious
  • That pattern is repeated as the divergent thinker goes into the world of work
  • What creative thinkers need to thrive
  • The difference between many see as creativity, and what creativity actually is
  • Many of the 'troublesome' characteristics of divergent thinkers are actually huge strengths that we need in the world right now
  • The place where your strengths, interests and values overlap is your creative spark
  • One of the best ways to apply creativity in the workplace is the 'creative problem solving process'
  • How to apply the creative problem solving process
  • How to create an organisation or ecosystem where creativity thrives
  • Why routines are crucial for optimal creativity
  • How to create rituals and routine for yourself when you hate routine
  • Not every creative is energised by every part of the creative process
  • The best advice for nurturing creativity


You can download Kathryn free creative strengths identification tool, mentioned in the podcast, here - www.sparkitivity.com/strengthsspotter

Read Kathryn's article written especially to introduce you to the Creative Problem Solving Process - Unleash Your Creativity in 4 Steps

5 Ways To Support Creative Strengths

You can also find Kathryn's book, "Creativity for Everybody", on Amazon (also on Amazon UK, also Creatividad para todos is the Spanish translation)


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Kathryn Haydon - Founder of Sparkitivity

Kathryn Haydon, MsC, is a speaker, author, and strategist who helps teams and individuals maximise their creative thinking power so they can do their most impactful, innovative work. Through keynotes, professional development workshops, and consulting, she helps people find the unique spark that leads to authentic engagement and productivity. Kathryn is the founder of Sparkitivity and the co-author of Creativity for Everybody a fast, fun overview of the science of creativity, used by organisations to create cultures that support innovation.

Kathryn has spent two decades understanding how people think and learn best. One of her specialties is helping organisations and schools create cultures that support outlier thinkers, desperately needed for their innovative ideas. She has identified this group of thinkers as  “deep souls.” Kathryn recognises that many deep souls had a rub with school that may hold them back from realising their full range of strengths. When we make our workplaces and schools better for deep souls, we make them better for everybody.

To get started recognising innovator strengths, subscribe to her Strengths Spotter here and receive a free downloadable workbook.