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How To Supercharge Your Performance with Nick Elvery (Ep 22)

Very often the best way to learn how to perform at peak efficiency is to learn exactly how not to do that...then reverse it.  That is exactly what our guest this week, Nick Elvery, has done.

This interview is so full of tips, techniques and biohacks, that if you don't take something from it, I will want to know why!  Nick is so generous with his knowledge expertise and wisdom that there is something here that everyone can learn.

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Episode 21: Ray Richards - To Be Successful, Do Something Different

Change is difficult, but if you want any degree of success, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over again.  At some point, you have to take a risk and do something different.

That is the core message of our guest this week, Ray Richards, CEO of the Brighton-based tech company Do Something Different.  We talk about what you can do to build your own behavioural flexibility, how you can deal with the unknown and bring the people who matter on the journey with you.

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Episode 20: Wes Kao - Influencing And Persuading For Scrappy Changemakers

Whatever flavour of Maverick you are, whether change maker, leader or entrepreneur, sooner or later you are going to have to sell people on your ideas and bring them on a journey with you.

And this is what marketeer Wes Kao is a master of.  She understands that selling isn’t a dirty word, but rather about deep empathy, walking a mile in another person’s shoes and really helping the other person to feel seen and heard.

Listen in to find out how she influences some of the greatest minds on the planet.

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Episode 19: Rich & Ross of HIDDEN - How To Disrupt An Industry

We believe that Mavericks can change the world and that the world needs more Mavericks...and that is exactly what this week's podcast guests are doing.  Rich Bloomand Ross Taylor are first-degree Mavericks.  Having worked in the recruitment industry for years and running their own very successful recruitment company, they felt the need to shake things up and disrupt their industry.

If you are running your own business, dream of doing so or want to be a disrupter, this is a must listen!

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Episode 18: Glenn Elliot - The Rebel Approach to Employee Engagement

It would be easy to dismiss employee engagement as some fluffy, soft HR issue in organisations, but according to Glenn Elliott, it is the single most important business improvement tool.

In episode, Glenn gives us the business-critical case for looking after employee engagement and the most down-to-earth, practical advice on how to build it. And this advice applies not only to employees but how to treat all the people in our lives. Listen in to improve how people engage at work and through all areas of your life.

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Episode 16: Claude Silver & Bryan Falchuk - How To Reinvent Yourself

This week we have a very special podcast with two of our old podcast guests – Claude Silver, who is the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and Bryan Falchuk, the author of Do A Day.

This podcast is the audio of a Facebook Live where we talked about how to reinvent yourself and start living life on your terms.

It is full of personal insight, actionable wisdom and some of the best tips for living an authentic life.

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