Episode 10: Olivia D'Silva - Recognise Your True Value and Improve The Quality Of Your Life

On this week’s episode our guest is life coach, writer and deep thinker, Olivia D’Silva.

Olivia went through had a life changing moment in 2006 which led her on a journey to discover what is truly valuable in life.  Through different ups and downs, and moments of thinking “is this all there is?”, she has cultivated an approach to life that really is values based.

This led her to train as a coach and write her book – the Whole Life Economy.  As she says, “recognise your true value and improve the quality of your life”.

I love that Olivia has written based on her own experience and experiments. Her work is deep and heart-based yet practical in everyday life.  

Conversation Highlights

  • That moment when you realise that something HAS to change
  • Often the first change you make isn't the one that will stick
  • The seven resources that we have as humans that we take for granted - and if we valued them more, we would love our life a lot more
  • Why your 'Why' is so important for getting you through the nitty gritty
  • The importance of the 'attention economy' and why what you give you attention to is so important
  • How to increase the value of your time
  • When you value your body and physicality, you will want to exercise, eat better etc, meaning your quality of life will increase
  • Most people don't actually want more money but rather what money brings (freedom, choice, security etc)
  • You increase your wisdom by recognising that you have something unique to bring to the world
  • Compassion fatigue and knowing the time to time to give help and the time to ask for help
  • Self doubt can be the clue to what you actually want in life


You can download the introductory chapter from Olivia's book - The Whole Life Economy - and receive her free 7-day Whole Life Economy e-mail course at www.oliviadsilva.com/mavericks

Buy The Whole Life Economy at Amazon

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Olivia D'Silva - Author of "The Whole Life Economy "

Olivia D'Silva is a professional life coach and author of Your Whole Life Economy - Recognise Your True Value and Improve Your Quality of Life.

She is passionate about living life to the fullest and making the most of this human experience. Through heartfelt connection, her work empowers others do to the same.