Episode 7: Phil M Jones - How To Enrol People In Your Mission And Purpose

In the final episode of our "Unleashing Superpowers" season, we talk with Phil M Jones.  Phil is an author, keynote speaker and international sales trainer.  He has written 5 best-selling books including Exactly What to Say and Exactly How to Sell.

Phil has trained over 2million people in 56 countries with the goal of demystifying sales and overcoming the many negative stereotypes around the subject .  He has also grown his own property investment business generating over £240 million in revenue.

In this illuminating interview Phil shows some incredibly practical tips and observations around the psychology of persuasion, whether for sales or enrolling people in your mission.  Phil shows a depth of insight and mastery that is intriguing and inspiring.

In this episode, some of the highlights of our conversation include:

  • Why figuring out where you don’t want to be can be the key to finding where you do want to be
  • You can’t control your success but you can always create opportunities
  • How most entrepreneurs are shouting out but no one is listening
  • How nobody wants what you have, what they want is the result of what you have
  • Go hunting the problem, find the people who are passionate about solving it and show them how your solution is better than what they currently have...and you will have people on the journey with you
  • How changing one word can completely change perceptions
  • How getting curious about your user base with a purpose is what creates connection
  • See influencing and persuading as a game, the learning and growth that come from playing the game is much more important than the immediate outcome
  • There is a huge difference between mistakes and failure…and failure needs to be encouraged
  • Be on the quest for better rather than best!
  • The importance of a person’s WIIFM - what’s in it for them?
  • How ‘just imagine..” Is the key to creating visions that you want other people to move towards
  • The phrase that gets almost anyone to agree to just about anything
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Phil M Jones - Author of Exactly What To Say

Phil M Jones is a bestselling author, multiple award winning sales expert, and one of the most sought after speakers across the globe. His goal is to help his audience demystify the art of selling and overcome much of the negative stereotype associated towards it. Having trained more than two million people worldwide and been a catalyst to success for some of the worlds largest brands his methods are tried, tested and proven to deliver results.

Phil began his career with a series of successful entrepreneurial businesses as a teenager, before joining the Management Team of Debenhams—a national department store chain in the United Kingdom—at 18, making him the youngest manager in the company’s history. He quickly increased profitability and sales within seven stores across the country.

His successes to date include working with a number of Premier League football clubs to help them agree to multimillion dollar sponsorship and licensing agreements, growing an investment property business with a revenue stream of more than $240 million each year and being awarded multiple British Excellence in Sales and Marketing awards for his contribution to the industry.

After launching Phil M Jones Ltd. In 2008 with the vision to teach other business owners how to create such success, he was recognized with numerous awards including the prestigious Fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association and Sales Trainer of the Year award— again, the youngest-ever to do so.

Phil now speaks across the globe, and splits his time between London and New York with his wife, Charlotte.