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Episode 10: Olivia D'Silva - Recognise Your True Value and Improve The Quality Of Your Life

On this week’s episode our guest is life coach, writer and deep thinker, Olivia D’Silva.

Olivia went through had a life changing moment in 2006 which led her on a journey to discover what is truly valuable in life. Through different ups and downs, and moments of thinking “is this all there is?”, she has cultivated an approach to life that really builds your understand of your true value.

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Episode 7: Phil M Jones - How To Enrol People In Your Mission And Purpose

In the final episode of our "Unleashing Superpowers" season, we talk with Phil M Jones.  Phil is an author, keynote speaker and international sales trainer.  He has written 5 best-selling books including Exactly What to Say and Exactly How to Sell.

In this illuminating interview Phil shows some incredibly practical tips and observations around the psychology of persuasion, whether for sales or enrolling people in your mission.  Phil shows a depth of insight and mastery that is intriguing and inspiring.

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Episode 6: Dorie Clark - Unleash The Entrepreneur In You!

In episode 6 of our "Unleashing Superpowers" season, we talk with Dorie Clark.  Dorie is a marketing strategy consultant, author and speaker who specialises in "self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives".

Dorie is an adjunct professor at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. She has interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and professionals and distilled what makes them successful in her three best selling books - "Reinventing You", "Stand Out" and "Entrepreneurial You". "Stand Out" was name by Inc Magazine as their no. 1 book on leadership in 2015.

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Episode 5: Dr David Hamilton - Following Your Heart to Find Your Passion

In episode 5 of our "Unleashing Superpowers" season, we are talking with the inspirational Dr David Hamilton.  David is a speaker and author in the realm of neuroscience, holistic healing, kindness and spirituality.

David is an organic chemist and spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry before following his heart to write his first book.  David's mission is to use science to inspire and he has opened the worlds of personal growth and the mind-body connection to thousands of people.

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Episode 4: Jenny Blake - How To Pivot Your Way To Your Dream Career

In episode 4 of our "Unleashing Superpowers" season, we are talking with the wonderful Jenny Blake, business and career strategist, international speaker and author of "Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One".

Jenny's motto is "If change is the only constant, let's get better at it."  She wants people to have careers and lives that they truly love but understands how difficult change can be.  Jenny has made it her work to find the practical strategies that help people to not only survive change but to positively thrive from it.

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